IdroMOP - Servo


Complete control even in the details

Two models available, 40 Nm or 160 Nm torque, to control any ball and/or butterfly valve from 1″ to 5″.
ISO 5211 flange, standard F03, F05 and F07.
For all automation needs on your irrigation machines.

Main functions

Automatic zero search
Manual/automatic control
Position control with precision 1°
Adjusting the opening/closing speed
Handle ball and/or butterfly valves from 1″ to 5″
Mounting with 9, 11, 14 mm square shaft
CAN bus communication line


40Nm H=90mm servo motor
160Nm H=114mm servo motor

Mechanical limit switch

The closed position is automatically searched for thanks to the mechanical limit switch, which ensures the certainty of complete closure of the controlled valve.

Programmable speeds

Adjustable speed variation for accurate control of opening and closing times from 3 seconds to about 3 minutes.

CAN BUS line

Through our servo motors, all HydroMOP and IrriMOP devices can safely and accurately drive any valve that meets the ISO 5211 standard.

Power torques from 40 Nm to 160 Nm with minimal footprint for use with a wide range of valves and multiple applications.

Position at grade

Internal optical sensors enable precise reading of the valve’s open and closed position.
The opening position can be set from 15° to 180° .


Servomotor 40 Nm

PSRV-1240 [12V]
PSRV-2440 [24V]



Low pressure (discharge)

Auxiliary jet

Ball bearing 1″, 1″ 1/4, 1″ 1/2 and 2″

Butterfly up to 3″

Servomotor 160 Nm

PSRV-12C0 [12V]
PSRV-24C0 [24V]


High pressure (discharge)

High pressure inlet

Ball-shaped over 2″

Butterfly 4″ to 5″